sawatdii kha from Bangkok

Hello to our fantastic link churches, we hope the start of autumn is finding you all well.

We are close to the end of the rainy season now, and we just can't wait! To be able to go to bed and know that we won't be woken by loud storms will be just great! It has been fascinating to see how hard it can rain here and how quickly roads can flood. Some of our neighbours just take the shower gel out and stand outside to wash!!

The girls are both back at school now, and busy with much homework. They were both selected for the basketball team, which they are excited about, and practice after school most days. They continue to witness to their school friends, mostly buddhist with the odd Hindu and Janist. Their friends seem very open to hearing about God.

Joel is growing up, 18 months now, and speaking more words, mostly English, but he says some Thai ones. He has adapted well to the culture, and eats rice with the best of them!

John and I continue to try and concentrate on language learning, with the odd bits of ministry thrown in, and of course sharing our faith wherever God prompts us. We gave our lovely landlords one of John's Thai books this week, please pray with us for God to speak to them through it. John would appreciate your prayers on Monday as he travels to the East of Thailand. the director of prisons in the region read John's book, and contacted him to ask him to visit all the prisons in his area to share his story, so he travels there on his own on Monday for the day. The man is so excited John is coming, which is great.

We appreciate your continued prayers for our health during this first rainy season when bugs are more prevalent (of both kinds! John is chief cockroach killer!) We all fought off another bug last week, flu like again.

We now have a car, praise God, which makes a huge difference to our life, as we can get around without calling taxis and we save a lot on the school bus. In the end we made a decision to take a loan from cms because we needed a car urgently, please pray with us that we can pay the rest of the loan off as soon as possible, because we are obviously very reluctant to be in debt as missionaries. Thankyou for those of you who have raised money for us for a car, we thank God for each of you. And since we have been here we have just been amazed by the faithfulness and provision of God, including being so thankful for you, our faithful prayer supporters.

Please also continue to pray for the political situation here in thailand. There are regular bombs still being planted, mostly outside shops, but recently some planted outside a school failed to detonate, and tonight one outside a university in bangkok injured two students. The whole situation remains volatile, with redshirt leaders threatening to resume protests.
Please do let us know how you are doing, we love to hear your news, and please pass on how grateful we are for the prayers of the congregations.

With much love and blessings,
John, Gillian, Leah, Natalie and Joel xx