Greetings from Bangkok

After a busy Christmas season we enjoyed having Leah home for two weeks, but had to have a quiet time for part of this as we had an unpleasant tummy bug for over a week. It took Leah 46 hours to get back to college though, as she travelled from the tropics to be hit with snow delays!

Five Christmas parties in three days was rather chaotic, but it was so good to see the children thrilled with their presents, donated kindly by Oundle Church, and transported for free by British Airways. We told the story of Christmas once more – for all of these children living in poverty within slum communities, the message of how God chose to send His son to be born in a stable is a very special one. It helps them realise that God cares about each one of them, marginalised within a society dominated by the worldview that you get what you deserve through your circumstances.

We kept the foodbank open for most of the Christmas period, but ironically our busiest day yet was when we had given all the staff the time off (and thought that we could manage to staff it as a family). Thankfully for us, though perhaps not for them, our sister and family were visiting for the first time and our brother in law runs a foodbank in the UK. He was able to help us with a lot of advice in setting ours up, and the whole family ran around like crazy staffing the foodbank with us! The stories we hear at the foodbank every week are very traumatic, with illnesses, accidents, old age, child abandonment and mental health problems that cause people to not be able to work and therefore struggle to eat.

Every week we tell people how much God loves them, and how He wants to help them. We also offer to pray with them and most take us up on the offer. We often hear people telling us with tears in their eyes that the food offered means that they will be able to eat every day for the next week.

Our Thursday and Friday afternoon clubs have recently exploded in numbers and we are praying how to handle that, so are very thankful for the new staff. We don’t want to have to turn children away from coming so we need wisdom on what to do, as well as your prayers on looking for a man to employ who can replace Champ, as he leaves in June to go to Australia.

We would also appreciate your prayers for us as we have had a stressful last few months. This
week we are having a week of prayer as a staff team, as last week John, Khun Jiap and two of the
children all had road accidents, and we especially wanted to take the opportunity to pray for the Christian teenagers. Please will you join us in prayer for all these needs?

We need to try and ensure that the team is able to cope with the many demands of running the ministry while we are away for eight weeks in the summer – and we hope to be able to see as many of you as we can while we are home.In the meantime, God bless you all, our wonderful supporters, who we value so much.

Please keep supporting us with your prayers, and in all the other wonderful ways that you already do.