Please pray for Thailand

The political situation remains unstable in Thailand, with both sides promising not to back down. As you have heard in your news a military coup has occurred here. The future remains uncertain and we value your prayers. There is a lot of censorship of media, and we would be unwise to say much except for – please will you pray for Thailand?

Thank you for your prayers; we had a particularly challenging month last month, with toxic smoke and all sorts going on, and we really value your prayers for us. We also value your prayers for staff; we have some very helpful volunteers, but still struggle to get reliable staff who are Christians.

Thank you so much for your support; four years on, we are still so aware of your support and prayers, knowing that we do this in partnership with amazing friends and churches from back home.
With love from us all,
Gillian, John, Leah, Natalie and Joel xx