Happy Christmas and Thank you!

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for your prayers and support over this last year. It has been an interesting time with the political situation, but we have had a break from protests this last week. We have had an amazing time with Christmas parties for the children and teenagers over this last week, and many of the families came along which was a real encouragement. The children were so excited it was nearly impossible to keep them sitting down. The children's faces as they received their Christmas gifts were priceless, and they enjoyed the story of the wise men at their Christmas parties finding Jesus, the Son of God, in the poorest place.

We thought you would enjoy seeing a few photos of the parties, and seeing the joy on the children's faces. There are some photos of the children at the Tuesday and Thursday parties as well as the teenagers from both days.Their joy at getting even toiletries was immense as they so appreciate being able to have shampoo etc. Thankfully now we are able to get the jobs done we had to put on hold for the parties so that we can have a break over Christmas.

So we wanted to say thankyou, thankyou for working with us in impacting these children and teenager's lives, thankyou for all of your prayers and support. We so appreciate it, every word of encouragement lifts us in what is often a very hard and emotional ministry to run, and every donation helps us so much. And every prayer you pray for us supports us in ways we may not see but know we need so much.

It still remains very odd to be celebrating Christmas in a country where Christmas day is a normal work day for Thai people, and yet we celebrate with joy in our hearts.

We pray that you will have a very blessed Christmas.
With love from us all, John, Gillian, Leah, Natalie and Joel

See the photos here