Update 8th October 2012

We are well. Leah has just turned 17, an amazing young lady who we are very proud of.
About the weather, we are just coming out of the rainy season but had some flooding but not like last year. There is a big storm set to hit Thailand in the next few days and we would appreciate your prayers.

Last week we had our English class at the Place of Grace. 19 young people turned up and we had lots of fun. We do this each year during their school break. We are putting in to the Place of Grace a non-alcoholic bar for the teenagers to make fruit cocktails and hot choc  - they are very exited about this. We will get People to come and share testimonies on these evenings.

Gillian is studying hard with her Thai language and the girls. They are working hard at school and Joel enjoys his group that he goes too.

Prison work is always challenging but so amazing.

We appreciate everyone who prays for us and their support. God bless you all.


Click here to see my video clip of flooding

also click here to see some new photos