Back in Bangkok

We are so appreciative of your prayers it's a real blessing for us, and they will boost us spiritually.

Since we have been back it's been a busy time, we had to start the Place of Grace straight away as it had been shut for 3 weeks - it was really good to see the children, even the babies reached out their arms for us! We were really tired from our busy schedule in England, and the girls started school a couple of days later. Since then it has been very hectic as we run all the usual clubs, respond to prayer mininstry needs etc. John has done some prison work in Ratchaburi north of Bangkok which went very well.

Last week, one of the children, Fern, came with a huge cross around her neck and proudly showed us all. Then Jane, one of the teenagers, came to the evening group and picked up 'Nobodys Child' in Thai, that had been given to us by the publishers. She spent the evening reading it, and then asked John how she could become a Christian. He talked about it with her and then asked her if she would like to ask Jesus into her life and she said yes. Praise God! John prayed a commitment prayer with her and gave her a new testament in Thai, please pray for her and for wisdom for us in discipling her, as well as the response of her Buddhist family.

We are still praying for a team to help us. We could really do with some extra people on board, which would help us daily, and also enable us to expand what we do, in making links in neighbouring communities.

We have taken a while to settle back in, as we had adjusted to life in Bangkok as normal, and then you remember how much easier life is in the UK! The stresses of the driving and noise and smells and endless mosquitoes are slowly becoming normal life again.

Thank you for standing with us when the rent money was due shortly after we got back. The landlord agreed to wait an extra week for the other two thirds some of which we were waiting to be transferred from England, and miraculously God ensured we had enough by the end of that week for another years rent.
CMS told us we are still short on our budget, and if that remains so then they might say John has to go home for a time next summer, which will obviously not be good for the ministry at all. So we appreciate your continued prayers for there to be enough in the CMS giving to cover all the costs of us living here. We would also appreciate your prayers for the appointment of the new CMS Asia manager. We really valued Adrian, who was very wise about the situation here, and the appointment makes a difference to us.

We have such lovely memories of our time in UK, of the warm reception we had from absolutely everybody, and all the encouragement you gave us was so appreciated. So thank you, and thankyou for standing with us in prayer.
With love to you all from us all.

Click here to see a few photos taken during our time in the UK.