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Greetings from Bangkok

After a busy Christmas season we enjoyed having Leah home for two weeks, but had to have a quiet time for part of this as we had an unpleasant tummy bug for over a week. It took Leah 46 hours to get back to college though, as she travelled from the tropics to be hit with snow delays!

Happy Christmas

Greetings from Bangkok!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

We have a new video here showing a tour around our community. Also some recent photos taken on an outing for a fun day out and also on a visit to us by pupils from the New Sathorn International School.

We hope you enjoy these glimpses of life here.

God bless you. Thank you for your prayers.

Please pray for Thailand

The political situation remains unstable in Thailand, with both sides promising not to back down. As you have heard in your news a military coup has occurred here. The future remains uncertain and we value your prayers. There is a lot of censorship of media, and we would be unwise to say much except for – please will you pray for Thailand?

August 2013

Dear friends and supporters,

We hope this newsletter finds you all well and enjoying a nice summer in the UK! Here it is rainy season, and not quite so hot all the time, but the rain really comes down heavy! Sorry we haven't sent news for a time, but here is our news from the past month.  

New Photos

Here are some photos taken during our fun nights and arts and craft at the Place of Grace.

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Happy Christmas!

All of us at Place of Grace wish you a Happy Christmas!

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Where the children live

Please view a short video showing my walk through the area where many Place of Grace children live. John

Update 8th October 2012

We are well. Leah has just turned 17, an amazing young lady who we are very proud of.
About the weather, we are just coming out of the rainy season but had some flooding but not like last year. There is a big storm set to hit Thailand in the next few days and we would appreciate your prayers.

Flood Alert

Many parts of Bangkok are on flood alert and some parts of Thailand have been flooded again, we would appreciate your prayers.

The biggest problem in the rainy season is the low lying areas and the slum communities; they often set up communities near klongs (rivers) and the run-off from up country coming to Bangkok.

Also the filtered water we drink can get contaminated with sewage, so we are stocking up on bottled water but panic buying can cause huge issues.

We are safe and seeing God do awesome things.


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