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A Place of Grace

We as a family have been praying for a long time now for a building so that we could have a place for a office and prayer ministry, as well has outreach projects into the slum community
near where we live.

God has answered our prayers in a mighty way . We have raised 85 thousand Bht; we still need 60 thousand Bht (about £1200) to move in - this is rent for 6 mths.

Please read our news item 'A Place of Grace'


Please pray for books

We have seen some awesome responses to the Nobody's Child books and comics translated into Thai and also the comic cops and robbers in Thai but we now need prayer for raising some money to buy more copies of the Thai Nobody's Child and also Somebody's Child and Nobody's Child in English for the men. In one prison in Bangkok I do a Bible study for men who are English speaking from Africa.

Photos - May 2011

Here are a few photos : (click on one to see a larger version)

March 30th 2011

Wow what an interesting three weeks it has been. Today Friday I got my results of the two biopsies I had on my colon; clear thank you God but had a parasite inside that now my body has dealt with this and now much better but have to be careful what I eat.

Me and gillian joel natty and leah are so grateful for your prayers and support,as you can imagine we hugged each other and even the two doctors were over the moon as they were concerned.

January 2011

We are doing OK and praying at the moment for a building where we can open a coffee shop and prayer room for the people living and working on the streets as well as when they come out of prison.

I have just given the last copy I had of Nobodyschild in Thai. People have really related to the story of feeling nobody cares. Here in Thailand there is not a lot of help for homeless or people coming out of prison or if they are ill.

Happy Christmas!

Merry Christmas = suksan wan kris-mas

Happy New Year = khor hai mee kwam-suk wan pii mai

My new book Street Smart has just been published by Lion Hudson and Monarch .

(Details at )

God Bless

Inside prison - September 2010

Here are a few recent photos - just click on one to see the larger version:

Update September 2010

Just a few photos (below) re the rain here.  I thought it was bad in Manchester, rivers on the road awesome. Also photos of my Thai teachers looking at the dvd linked in with nobodyschild book, The two teachers are buddhists, they have also read the book in Thai.

Also a picture of 5000 comics with testimonies in, including my testimony translated in thai from cops and robbers uk there, going down a treat in the prisons. Donated by a friend in UK.

Update 24 June 2010

Sorry for not emailing sooner, 6am start everyday for travel to language school then try get family time in evening. Well things are good, we as a family really appreciate your prayers and support.

Bangkok is slowly getting back to normal although not many tourists at all. We are still in a state of emergency but things have settled a lot.

11th March 2010

For prayer:

Please would you pray for the urgent for political situation this weekend
Please pray for wisdom and discernment for our health and cockroaches and mossy bites.
Also would you pray for our finances, setting up costs have been hard on our budget
God is good and is our rock on which we stand here in Thailand and we know God is doing amazing things already.

Prayers have been answered:

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