August 2013

Dear friends and supporters,

We hope this newsletter finds you all well and enjoying a nice summer in the UK! Here it is rainy season, and not quite so hot all the time, but the rain really comes down heavy! Sorry we haven't sent news for a time, but here is our news from the past month.  

First of all some thanks from us - At the beginning of this month we were able to pay the next years rent in full, without stress, for the Place of Grace. We are so thankful for this, thank you so much for all who have raised money for the Place of Grace and enabled us to do that.

Thank you to you all who pray for us, support our budget, the Place of Grace or help in any way at all. We appreciate you all!   We are now more settled in our new house, and the girls have returned to school and Joel started to learn at home for this year, and we were thankful for a couple of weeks off from the Place of Grace. We have now reopened to all the chaos. 

Just a few things for your thoughts and prayers - This Friday in the morning, we have a meeting with the community leaders which is really important. We would really appreciate you praying for good communication and a productive meeting. We have now started the process of registering the Place of Grace as a foundation (government approved) in Thailand and charity in England. We appreciate your prayers for this, and for a website for the Place of Grace in Thailand we are trying to set up.   As we grow in numbers of children and teenagers, and start a much-needed discipleship group for those who are now Christians or very close, and remain busy with the prayer ministry our need for help becomes more urgent.

We now have the small two-bedroom Place of Grace flat up and running and had our first visitors to stay and help from the UK over the summer. That was great, and we look forward to welcoming many more people to the flat! However our biggest need just now is for administrative help. If you know of a young person who is a Christian who is looking for a gap year opportunity, please ask them to contact us. It would be a marvelous experience for the right person or people with the opportunity to be involved fully in the ministry. 

Other things for your prayers are the political situation in Thailand, which has become more volatile recently, and the weather! On Monday evening there was a particularly heavy storm which flooded the kitchen, and we still have a couple of months of the rainy season left.   We are so grateful to you all for your support, we really do appreciate every person who prays for us and supports us in any way. If you are a fundraiser, please do continue to raise funds for the Place of Grace, as it really does make a difference in the work we do.

Just at the moment, we are praying for the funds to be able to buy a vehicle for the Place of Grace (about 3000 pounds) so that we can pick up the children every club and take them home. As the roads are used by boy racers all around the Place of Grace, we are concerned about the children who mostly come themselves, even from young ages, and accompanying them with a motorbike is not adequate enough, especially in bad weather. The general running costs of the clubs are also covered just by donations, so we appreciate everyone who raises money for the project!  

Please do keep us updated with your news, we love to hear from you.
Thank you once again, and love from us all,
John, Gillian, Leah, Natalie and Joel

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